Each piece in this mega suite of music was designed as a nod to the culture of each club while being careful to avoid stereotypes or cliches.

Our challenge was writing a piece to complement the core of each moment within a scene lasting only a few seconds, while giving the right energy to the characters and dynamic on screen.

It was crucial that each different musical style could naturally roll into the following scene, yet still maintain its rhythm and excitement so as to keep the intensity of the vision at a peak throughout.




Blurring the lines between sound design and music, this track uses both in unison to heighten the screen movement with hyper real sound that worked in the music as part of the rhythm and texture of the piece.

We start out cold and singular, building to a bigger moment as we see the star rise up through the ranks over coming obstacle after obstacle. Much like the sponsor's support of the game we needed to be there for him but never take over. This track worked like a mini score, with the music heightening the journey, while not being too intrusive sonically and only ever letting our sound design speak up when it needed it to.




This track is bold, hard, dark and moody, building from anticipation to confidence and then we’re off down a mountain.

Given the nature of the client and the steely demeanour of our mountain biking hero the track needed to be modern, hard and with a solid presence of forward timing / tick tock elements. 

Creating musical moments that help push the edit along to the point where it radically shifts gears gives so much colour and weight to the screen.




A highly stylised electronic piece which feels militarily yet not masculine.

The idea was to create a sense of morphing between the mechanical and the natural, to emphasise the contrast between the different aspects of military life. The track needed to be accessible and enjoyable across generations and backgrounds, which this energetic and thoughtful piece achieves perfectly.




The history of our work is rooted in creating classic works for modern audiences. Utilising that background as writers and looking back to the 60s era of Motown, Stax and authentic soul we wrote an original composition with a familiar yesteryear feel. 

It was important for the production of the track to be authentic to the genre, which was achieved with vintage equipment and other audio trickery, delivery a heartwarming track that truly embodied the sense of being home.




What does the ocean’s movement sound like as music?

Using a vast library of field recordings we created from Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Bushlands combined with drones and modular synthesizer samples we built a suite of aqueous material that could flow under scenes and help the viewer really explore Tom’s world.

Nostalgia and memories were an integral part of the music brief. Old tape machine movements and millions of sonic imperfections are present in the sound, as a nod to nature and time.